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In this training, Dominique shows how he went from a 500 score to a perfect 850 with a few tweaks to how he approached his finances and how you can duplicate his results!

Hundreds of Dominique's students have also drastically improved their scores and reached their finance, home, and lifestyles goals. The best part, most of his students didn't have a financial background, degrees in finance or grew up talking about money.  

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John R.

I finally got the house closed and getting the power switched in my name....on my first home. I really want say Thank you for your support in making this happen. I am aware that getting the home is only a start, now the serious budgeting begins! Thanks again for all the sound financial advice, I look forward in continuing this journey.
Toya V.

One of my scores has increased 77 points and the other 42 points in just 45 days. I also paid off my car and can use the money for building wealth and savings! I love the YFS Academy it's a game changer!
Ebony O.

Working with Dominique is how we first got to the 700's and bought our family a home. Your scores Matters and his education is priceless
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